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Nursing homes

Multiple unit residential buildings are especially affected by water damage due to the multiples of water sources such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets an... READ MORE

Basements and mold

When your area has a substantial amount of rain and you have a basement, be sure to check the entire basement for moisture, especially around the perimeter of t... READ MORE

Crawlspaces and laundry rooms

Homes and buildings that have either basements and/or crawl spaces are especially affected by heavy rains due to the building actually being built into the grou... READ MORE

Oil spill not water!

Cleaning up commercial buildings after water loses pose their own types of difficulties. How do we extract all of the water? How do we keep the contents and str... READ MORE

Horrible sewage backup

Sometimes the damage is just hard to handle. Waste water, sewage water, water backing up from floor drains and backing up through plumbing. Sometimes you just w... READ MORE

Hard to imagine

You evacuate your house due to rising flood waters. You are not allowed to return for over a week. You walk into your home to this. Somehow your sofa floated up... READ MORE

Hurricane damage

Some of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is difficult to imagine if you don't see it. Imagine that your house has water almost 4 feet high for over a week.... READ MORE

Wood floor repairs

It is not uncommon in fire damages to also have to address water damages and mold. In this job a section of flooring was damaged due to water/mold damage and ha... READ MORE

Insulation and deodorization

The fire occurs in your living room and the restoration guys ask to get up into the attic? What is that all about?!Smoke and soot rise with the heat and what is... READ MORE

Some times we make it Better than it was before

No one want to go through a fire; ever! The damage to your home, the loss of family heirlooms, the disruption to your life is overwhelming.But if are forced to ... READ MORE