What our Customers say...


George and his team saved my floors when no one else would try!

I am so thankful for you and your team. As an insurance agent I will make sure all my clients, friends and family give you a call before any other restoration company.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!

Excellent team!  Very courteous and helpful.

Your crew was very helpful and understanding of the questions I had about the process.  Very nice guys.

I had a water line break in my attic and it caused quite a bit of water damage to my house. Even part of my ceiling came down. Niko, Alex and their crews dried my house out fast and had the drywall replaced (wonderfully) and the rooms painted within only 11 days. "Excellent job, you guys were great! Thank you!!

Our Salon had 4" of water when a fire sprinkler line froze and then broke. Our business was totally shut down right before Christmas, which is our busiest time of the year. George, Niko, Jay, Tim, Alex and Angel responded quickly and worked late into the night to get the water out. John and his men worked through the weekend to get us reconstructed. We were open for business just 5 days later. "Thank you for everything! Everyone was great!

One of our assisted living centers had a severe flu outbreak, which affected a large number of our residents. Tim, Angel and their crews did a complete cleaning of our facility. The SERVPRO personnel that did work at our facility impressed me. I would recommend SERVPRO to my colleagues!

My home was devastated when the floods inundated our town this past month. We had water damage in the crawlspace, first and even second floors. Patrick, Jay and all of their crews were able to demo, clean and dry our home so we were able to get our home reconstructed. "Everyone was courteous, knowledgeable and professional." I am grateful to you for all you have done for us.

Thank you very much for deodorizing my car. My parents bought me my first car (although used!) and the prior owner left a nasty cigarette/febreze®/vinegar smell. You were able to remove all of the odors with your ozone machine.

I really appreciate it. Have a great day at SERVPRO!

Thank you for providing an informative and worthwhile class on mold. The information was presented in an easy to understand format and all questions were answered. The setting was perfect and I'd be interested in attending other classes you host in the future. "Enjoyed every minute."

We had extensive mold in the basement of one of our units. We had excellent overall service from all of your crews; friendly, professional, EXCELLENT!!

I hope we never have need of your services again, but if we do you are definitely our "GO TO" service!

Thank you so much!

What a pleasure it is to write this letter.

This past winter a situation arose at my mother’s condo in Schaumburg. Due to a dishwasher leak, a very toxic mold situation developed between the walls. George, Elizabeth, and Angel made it so much easier to cope with. They went above and beyond what was necessary. Even when my mother passed away in the midst of all of this, their genuine sympathy and concern touched my heart. I was blessed to have had them helping me though all of this.