Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Hidden mold

Sometimes we will receive a request for a mold inspection because the homeowner smells a musty smell. At first no mold is visible, and we need to look a little ... READ MORE

Lots and lots of mold

As can be seen in the before picture, there is lots of mold in this basement, it addition to being very wet. One thing to remember is that it takes time for mol... READ MORE

Basements and mold

When your area has a substantial amount of rain and you have a basement, be sure to check the entire basement for moisture, especially around the perimeter of t... READ MORE

Crawlspaces and laundry rooms

Homes and buildings that have either basements and/or crawl spaces are especially affected by heavy rains due to the building actually being built into the grou... READ MORE

Wood floor repairs

It is not uncommon in fire damages to also have to address water damages and mold. In this job a section of flooring was damaged due to water/mold damage and ha... READ MORE

Unbelieveable change!

Home foreclosures were a real problem in our country for quite a while. Many homes were left without power which caused many of them to flood. This house was fo... READ MORE