Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Cleaning all that sooty content

Cleaning up a fire damaged home has many challenges, including where will homeowners stay while repairs are made, cleaning and reconstructing the home and then ... READ MORE

Cleaning difficult to clean fire content items - Leather

Historically, many items were considered non-salvageable because they were either not cleanable or to costly to restore. However, many if not most of those item... READ MORE

Insulation and deodorization

The fire occurs in your living room and the restoration guys ask to get up into the attic? What is that all about?!Smoke and soot rise with the heat and what is... READ MORE

Some times we make it Better than it was before

No one want to go through a fire; ever! The damage to your home, the loss of family heirlooms, the disruption to your life is overwhelming. But if are forced to... READ MORE

Structural wood replacement due to a fire

Fire damage cleanup includes many different skill sets to get your have back to "Like it never even happened." We work to ensure that your home not only looks a... READ MORE

Great kitchen transformation

Fire devastated this kitchen. Although you would never want to go through a fire, if you have had to endure the mess, now is the time to make overall improvemen... READ MORE