Recent Before & After Photos

Hidden mold

Sometimes we will receive a request for a mold inspection because the homeowner smells a musty smell. At first no mold is visible, and we need to look a little ... READ MORE

Lots and lots of mold

As can be seen in the before picture, there is lots of mold in this basement, it addition to being very wet. One thing to remember is that it takes time for mol... READ MORE

Get rid of it all!

It is hard to imagine the damage that a hurricane and standing water can do to a home. This house was raised about 3' and had a crawlspace; the water was about ... READ MORE

This is the really tough job when on storm duty

When you are assisting during hurricanes, many jobs are just devastated and you know it right away; the homeowner knows it too. One of the tough jobs in hurrica... READ MORE

Cleaning all that sooty content

Cleaning up a fire damaged home has many challenges, including where will homeowners stay while repairs are made, cleaning and reconstructing the home and then ... READ MORE

A brand new church and mold!

Sometimes when you step into a church, the beauty and the awe of the structure can overwhelm your senses. This church was only a few years old and it was beauti... READ MORE

Kitchen fire at the Banquet Hall

Here is some pictures of a fire that occurred at a large Banquet facility kitchen. The fire started on a Saturday night after some table linens were gathered up... READ MORE

Hardwood floor drying success

Drying hardwoods can be done. It requires a thorough inspection of the affected area and the surrounding area as well. During the inspection we are looking at t... READ MORE

Cleaning difficult to clean fire content items - Leather

Historically, many items were considered non-salvageable because they were either not cleanable or to costly to restore. However, many if not most of those item... READ MORE

Nursing homes

Multiple unit residential buildings are especially affected by water damage due to the multiples of water sources such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets an... READ MORE