Recent Before & After Photos

Once the structure is dry, we can also rebuild it!

Having to endure a pipe break can be extremely difficult. Now imagine having to do that while you are trying to sell your house and you are living in another st... READ MORE

How do you de-ice a 10,000 SF freezer?

We have had to work in different warehouse situations due to liquids. We have had to extract water, sewage and even cooking oil. However this job was a bit diff... READ MORE

Commercial kitchen fires

Commercial jobs are complex. Fires have lots of issues. Fires in the kitchen of a commercial kitchen can really make things complex. Without the knowledge and e... READ MORE

Water everywhere!! What do we need to do here?

When a large warehouse has a pipe break or flood, you might think, "well just suck up the water." The damage that can occur in large warehouses is what is calle... READ MORE

Who would have thought that!

How does SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County help our local police force do their job and do it safer for them and its citizens? When one of their cruisers b... READ MORE

What now?!

Commercial cleanups present issues that are more complex than those seen in residential losses. In this example, Category 3 damage to a physician’s suite ... READ MORE

Hidden mold

Sometimes we will receive a request for a mold inspection because the homeowner smells a musty smell. At first no mold is visible, and we need to look a little ... READ MORE

Lots and lots of mold

As can be seen in the before picture, there is lots of mold in this basement, it addition to being very wet. One thing to remember is that it takes time for mol... READ MORE

Get rid of it all!

It is hard to imagine the damage that a hurricane and standing water can do to a home. This house was raised about 3' and had a crawlspace; the water was about ... READ MORE

This is the really tough job when on storm duty

When you are assisting during hurricanes, many jobs are just devastated and you know it right away; the homeowner knows it too. One of the tough jobs in hurrica... READ MORE