Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Get rid of it all!

It is hard to imagine the damage that a hurricane and standing water can do to a home. This house was raised about 3' and had a crawlspace; the water was about ... READ MORE

This is the really tough job when on storm duty

When you are assisting during hurricanes, many jobs are just devastated and you know it right away; the homeowner knows it too. One of the tough jobs in hurrica... READ MORE

Hard to imagine

You evacuate your house due to rising flood waters. You are not allowed to return for over a week. You walk into your home to this. Somehow your sofa floated up... READ MORE

Hurricane damage

Some of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is difficult to imagine if you don't see it. Imagine that your house has water almost 4 feet high for over a week.... READ MORE

Dangerous cold temps can cause damage

When the outside temp drops to below zero, but the inside thermometer says its 65 degrees, what's the problem? When the outside temps are extremely cold, and th... READ MORE

Board up/Tarping

When storms move through your town, strong winds can cause all kinds of damage. Blown off shingles, branches poking holes into the roof deck can cause damage to... READ MORE