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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Great kitchen transformation

Fire devastated this kitchen. Although you would never want to go through a fire, if you have had to endure the mess, now is the time to make overall improvemen... READ MORE

College recreation area flooded 12"

Cleaning up a families flooded basement is challenging. Cleaning up a flooded college activities room has many additional challenges. Heavy rains during a sprin... READ MORE

Unbelieveable change!

Home foreclosures were a real problem in our country for quite a while. Many homes were left without power which caused many of them to flood. This house was fo... READ MORE

Kitchen rebuild due to water damage

Your house is on a concrete slab and you are getting a horrible smell from the HVAC duct work that is in the concrete floor. After further inspection, it is lea... READ MORE

Country Club Restaurant Fire

Fire occurred on a Saturday night and a huge wedding was scheduled for the following Friday night. The banquet and facilities managers did the only thing they c... READ MORE

Flooded basement due to sump pump failure

Most homes that have a basement also have a sump pump. The purpose of the sump pump is to remove water that is building up around the exterior of the basement b... READ MORE

Flooded basement due to sump pump failure

Most homes that have a basement also have a sump pump. The purpose of the sump pump is to remove water that is building up around the exterior of the basement b... READ MORE

Board up/Tarping

When storms move through your town, strong winds can cause all kinds of damage. Blown off shingles, branches poking holes into the roof deck can cause damage to... READ MORE

Away on vacation

You are on the vacation of a lifetime. Two weeks in Europe. You come home and discover that pipes supplying your kitchen sink leaked; for two weeks. Kitchen, ba... READ MORE

Pipe breaks can cause a lot of damage

Pipe breaks can cause a great deal of damage, especially if they are not found right away. These homeowners left for work without suspecting any problems. When ... READ MORE

Dangerous cold temps can cause damage

When the outside temp drops to below zero, but the inside thermometer says its 65 degrees, what's the problem? When the outside temps are extremely cold, and th... READ MORE

Structural wood replacement due to a fire

Fire damage cleanup includes many different skill sets to get your have back to "Like it never even happened." We work to ensure that your home not only looks a... READ MORE

Some times we make it Better than it was before

No one want to go through a fire; ever! The damage to your home, the loss of family heirlooms, the disruption to your life is overwhelming. But if are forced to... READ MORE

Insulation and deodorization

The fire occurs in your living room and the restoration guys ask to get up into the attic? What is that all about?!Smoke and soot rise with the heat and what is... READ MORE

Wood floor repairs

It is not uncommon in fire damages to also have to address water damages and mold. In this job a section of flooring was damaged due to water/mold damage and ha... READ MORE

Hurricane damage

Some of the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is difficult to imagine if you don't see it. Imagine that your house has water almost 4 feet high for over a week.... READ MORE

Hard to imagine

You evacuate your house due to rising flood waters. You are not allowed to return for over a week. You walk into your home to this. Somehow your sofa floated up... READ MORE

Horrible sewage backup

Sometimes the damage is just hard to handle. Waste water, sewage water, water backing up from floor drains and backing up through plumbing. Sometimes you just w... READ MORE

Oil spill not water!

Cleaning up commercial buildings after water loses pose their own types of difficulties. How do we extract all of the water? How do we keep the contents and str... READ MORE

Crawlspaces and laundry rooms

Homes and buildings that have either basements and/or crawl spaces are especially affected by heavy rains due to the building actually being built into the grou... READ MORE

Basements and mold

When your area has a substantial amount of rain and you have a basement, be sure to check the entire basement for moisture, especially around the perimeter of t... READ MORE

Nursing homes

Multiple unit residential buildings are especially affected by water damage due to the multiples of water sources such as kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets an... READ MORE

Cleaning difficult to clean fire content items - Leather

Historically, many items were considered non-salvageable because they were either not cleanable or to costly to restore. However, many if not most of those item... READ MORE

Hardwood floor drying success

Drying hardwoods can be done. It requires a thorough inspection of the affected area and the surrounding area as well. During the inspection we are looking at t... READ MORE

Kitchen fire at the Banquet Hall

Here is some pictures of a fire that occurred at a large Banquet facility kitchen. The fire started on a Saturday night after some table linens were gathered up... READ MORE

A brand new church and mold!

Sometimes when you step into a church, the beauty and the awe of the structure can overwhelm your senses. This church was only a few years old and it was beauti... READ MORE

Cleaning all that sooty content

Cleaning up a fire damaged home has many challenges, including where will homeowners stay while repairs are made, cleaning and reconstructing the home and then ... READ MORE

This is the really tough job when on storm duty

When you are assisting during hurricanes, many jobs are just devastated and you know it right away; the homeowner knows it too. One of the tough jobs in hurrica... READ MORE

Get rid of it all!

It is hard to imagine the damage that a hurricane and standing water can do to a home. This house was raised about 3' and had a crawlspace; the water was about ... READ MORE

Lots and lots of mold

As can be seen in the before picture, there is lots of mold in this basement, it addition to being very wet. One thing to remember is that it takes time for mol... READ MORE

Hidden mold

Sometimes we will receive a request for a mold inspection because the homeowner smells a musty smell. At first no mold is visible, and we need to look a little ... READ MORE

What now?!

Commercial cleanups present issues that are more complex than those seen in residential losses. In this example, Category 3 damage to a physician’s suite ... READ MORE

Who would have thought that!

How does SERVPRO of Elgin/Northwest Kane County help our local police force do their job and do it safer for them and its citizens? When one of their cruisers b... READ MORE

Water everywhere!! What do we need to do here?

When a large warehouse has a pipe break or flood, you might think, "well just suck up the water." The damage that can occur in large warehouses is what is calle... READ MORE

Commercial kitchen fires

Commercial jobs are complex. Fires have lots of issues. Fires in the kitchen of a commercial kitchen can really make things complex. Without the knowledge and e... READ MORE